Street Survivor Program

You can imagine that during our local patrols we come across many issues while dealing with client locations within our County.

One of those issues is that of homelessness. Many clients experience problems associated with homelessness which typically can involve drunk and disorderly, illegal camping and panhandling. We are asked quite often to address these issues.

We believe that the classification of being homeless doesn't mean "Non-Human." We take these opportunities to assist those in need while on patrol when able, directing illegal activity out of clients areas, assisting (Feeding, clothing and so on) those that are compliant and simply needing help.

We generate donations that we take to the streets through out the evenings and distribute care packages as well.

What we find is that gaining respect on the streets on behalf of ourselves and our clients tends to affect the client and their property in positive ways. We help bring a respected face to the clients facilities that in turn brings change to the issues often caused by those on the streets.

If you'd like to donate clothing or supplies for this outreach please call, text or email us and we'll pick it up!

If you'd like to donate cash to the cause make a paypal donation here!