It's all in the DETAILS

When you need answers or a solution to you problem you need them quickly and they need to be accurate. We specialize in the details.

Vehicle and Bike Patrols

The most affordable option for business owners in securing their locations are vehicle patrols. The officers will arrive and patrol your facility at random times throughout their shift. Upon arrival will check the area in the vehicle and in person on foot as needed, secure gates and make live checks. In the event of alarms they can also respond prior to Police being called to insure fees for false alarms are avoided.

Physical Surveillance

Our specialty is covert in person and via CCTV surveillances of property. This is commonly known as Loss Prevention or Asset Protection Services.

Domestic Affairs

Infidelity is a breach of trust by your spouse. Surveillance via internet, Live, hidden camera and in person often will expose those suspicions you are having. Let us help you.

Surveillance Camera Rentals

We offer covert (Hidden) camera rentals, sales and installations as needed.

Missing Persons / Skip Tracing

Oregon has one of the highest rates of missing persons cases in the United States, especially in the area of Human Trafficking.

Armed Security

In most cases our services involve officers that are unarmed but we also offer secured services that include body guards and those who are registered by (DPSST) Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to carry weapons while acting in the security capacity.