When you have a situation where you need guidance, response and a successful outcome, experience will make ALL of the difference!

  • (2 Years) Law Enforcement

  • (35 Years) Armed Security, Loss Prevention, At Risk Youth Management, Private Investigations and more!

35 years of Experience...

Online Data reports

Background checks and Asset Tracking are also available at additional fee.

Electronic Access

Our security and investigative services are interactive in that you can see real time data of where our patrol services are at that time. Also involved are digital reporting methods that allow the client to receive instant details of incidents on their property. No guessing, no assumptions, just factual details!

Data Carving / Ethical Hacking

Service to be offered soon!

Skip Tracing

Process Serving

Back Ground Investigations

Helping you find the right  solutions.

In this day and age data can be breached AND retrieved by online means. This can save you time and effort in discovery processes.


Cloud access to finalized Reports


Our cloud connections ensure you stay informed

​Gone are the days of security staff arriving on property, walking a predetermined "Beat", clicking a key in the slot to prove they were even there...

The above method is intended to be a deterrent but over the years the industry has advanced, criminals are more savvy and even more brazen in their efforts. Clients also need know more about their issues than ever! What landshark offers the client is information, effective response and proactive measures to prevent problems before they happen.

Our officers interact with the clients and the associates during their property patrols. This allows for real time involvement to foresee issues that may arrise and also allows the officer to be in the middle of an event before the associate hasa to. We believe that forcing an expected path of travel, such as a pre-determined guard patrol means that the officer will become stagnant, basically become ignorant to his/her surroundings. We want our officers to be involved and investigative in nature. This may mean more time on property than expected but that time will be VERY thorough and thus insure you are secure and safely monitored.

You will have data that proves when and where the officer patrolled, where they went, how long they were their and if their was an issue a detailed account (Report) of what occured.